AbillionZ Collection Garden Fence with Spear Top Steel 16.7' Black

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SKU VXL-277732
AbillionZ Description: Create a safe board around your property with our premium garden fence! This high-quality steel garden fence, consisting of 3 fence panels and 4 posts, has a total length of 16.7'. It will form a sturdy, safe, as well as maintenance-free perimeter barrier for your garden, home, or business property. Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, the fence is exceedingly stable, sturdy and durable. Additionally, with vertical bars topped with spear ends and strong horizontal brace as reinforcement to the frame, our garden fence will provide a high degree of privacy and security. The fence panel is easy to assemble. Details:
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Total length: 16.7'
  • Height: (4.1'-4.9')
  • With spear top
  • 2 mounting ways: Normal and inverted
  • Mounting accessories included
  • Delivery includes 3 x fence panel and 4 x post

Disclaimer: AbillionZ Provides all description for wholesale products based on Manufacturer, Let us know if there is an issue with our description

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