AbillionZ Collection 4-row Plastic Bird & Pigeon Spikes Set of 6 10'

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SKU VXL-170233
AbillionZ Description: This bird control spikes set will be ideal for protecting your house and garden from unwanted intruders, such as birds, cats, raccoons, etc. It is a humane, harmless, easily applicable and highly effective method of repelling birds and other pests. Thanks to the high-quality material, our product is weather-resistant and waterproof. Delivery includes 6 bird control spikes. Details:
  • Material: Plastic + stainless steel
  • Each spike base size: 19.7" x 1" (L x W)
  • Total length: 10'
  • Pin height: 4.5"
  • Spikes in 4 rows
  • Delivery includes 6 bird spikes

Disclaimer: AbillionZ Provides all description for wholesale products based on Manufacturer, Let us know if there is an issue with our description

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