Omega Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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The SM-TP-71P is a user friendly DIY "Tire Pressure Monitoring System" (TPMS) by Steelmate. The system comes with 4 screw-on tire sensors and a cigarette-plug LED display which displays the current tire pressure, in all 4 tires, in real time. All 4 sensors come pre-programmed to the wheel position and are labeled for easy installation. Simply replace your current valve stem caps with the small sensors. The unit can detect both slow & fast air leaks, low & high pressure, as well as high tire temperature, and will alert you with audible and visual warnings. This product is compatible with vehicles with Maximum tire pressure of 47 PSI. Other features include:- Displays tire pressure in PSI units- Automatically detects whether the engine is running to power on/off- Sensor batteries last up to 2 years- Real-time monitoring above ~12MPH- Includes black & silver sensor covers- Fits standard passenger tire valve stem- Fast/Slow leakage alarm & High Temperature alarm- High/Low pressure alarm (47/25Psi)- Includes English & Spanish instructions- Recommended for passenger vehicles only (~32Psi running pressure).

*External waterproof TPMS sensors replace car valve caps
* Gold-plated Cig-plug tip, the display shows 4 tire pressure at the same time
* Super mini tire sensor, light 9.6 gram and small 2cm
* Anti-theft design with lock nut
* Visual and audible warning for abnormal tire pressure and temperature


Brand: Omega
UPC: 289538968758
Model: SM-TP-71P
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Return Policy:

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