Excalibur 900MHz Keyless Entry & Remote Start


Deluxe Remote Start & Keyless Entry System w/ BLADE
3000 foot range
900MHz SST 4-button, 1-way remotes
2-way Ready - Just Add Remote!
3D Motion Sensor for Manual Transmission Safety
Dual Data Ports - Now Auto-detect Protocol Independently
Backup Battery Port
Vehicle Learn Mode - Faster than Programming
Self-diagnoses RS Connections
Full Security Suite Built-in
Random Horn Honk Alarm Alert
Data Shock Sensor Compatible
XL Pit Stop Mode - Runs for 12 Hours

Anti-Hijack Mode
ANY &quote;3D&quote; System is 2-Way Ready - Just Add Remote!
2-way upgradeable
Compatible with Omega Linkr smartphone interface
Keyless entry
Trunk release
Up to 30 minute engine run time (60 series is 20 min)
On-demand run time extender
Built in turbo timer with selectable run time (1, 2 ,or 3 minutes)
Low volt & temp auto start
Unauthorized Transmitter Alert warns you when remotes are added to the system
Horn honk output
Light flash output
Window mount antenna with built-in status lights and valet switch
Supports Low Current RS Harness
Onboard sealed micro relays - long life and superior performance
Advanced engine detection assures that your car will crank properly and safely every time
Built to QS9000 and ISO9002 quality standard - industry best
Compatible with manual or automatic transmissions
Compatible with gasoline or diesel engines
xOS - updatable system firmware ensures the latest functionality
SELF-LEARNING Dual data ports for plug-in upgrades and quick vehicle integration

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