Excalibur 70 Series Expandable Add on Remote Start Module Blade Compatible

Save $18.24

Key Features:
Control LOCK/arm & UNLOCK/disarm from OEM remotes via data
(module firmware must support control from OEM remotes)
Supports 3x LOCK start via analog or data
(module firmware must support 3x LOCK start)
Ready for any 70 series antenna kit & remote combination
Equipped w/ full security! Just add a sensor & siren
Powered by the AL-XX70-B control module
BLADE compatible
Linkr smartphone control compatible
Supports manual transmission
Compatible with RS-6BLC low current ignition harness
Equipped with 2 data ports (both support iDatalink or DBI)
Equipped with 2 analog sensor ports
7 onboard relays (5 programmable)
Up to 4 auxiliary outputs
Backup battery port
Push button LED included

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