Pyle Car Camera with Front and Rear View

by Pyle

Product DescriptionPyle Model : PLCM38FRVCompact Car Backup CameraRearview Backup Camera - Compact Parking / Reverse Car Camera with Night Vision, Distance Scale Lines (Front/Rear Vehicle Mountable)Features:Car Backup CameraCompact Mini Cam StyleUsed for Reverse & Rearview Parking AssistanceUniversal Vehicle Compatibility Distance Scale Line Display OutputFront or Rear Vehicle Installation SupportOptional Mounting: Flush / Hanging MountableWaterproof & Weather-ResistantAngle Adjustable CameraNight Vision IlluminationAuto Image AdjustmentColor Camera Output DisplayWhat?s in the Box:Car Backup CameraRCA Video Cable, 20? ft.DC Power Cable, 3? ft.Cut-Out Drill Bit Technical Specs:Image Sensors 1.3'' Color CMDResolution: 580 x 540 PixelsWaterproof Marine Grade Rating: IP-68PAL/NTSC CompatibleWide Viewing Angle Lens: 170 DegreeVideo Output 1.0 Vpp-7S OhmPower Supply: DC 12VThe Pyle Car Backup Camera Adds visual assistance when on the road. The compact rearview camera outputs a clear, colorful picture along with night vision illumination. Distance scale lines help you drive safer and allow you to get into those tight parking spots. The camera system provides front and rear vehicle support -- so the cam can be mounted virtually anywhere on your car or truck. Marine grade waterproof construction provides rugged protection against the elements. Choose between optional flush or hanging mount styles for optimal roadside viewing. System includes all necessary cables and wires for installation. Universal RCA video jack connects quickly and works with a wide variety vehicle monitors and console display screens. Drive smarter and safer with the Pyle Rearview Backup Car Camera.From the ManufacturerThe PLCM38FRV comes with everything you need to give your car the extra security provided by a backup cameraComes with dual RCA video input cable and car power adapterWorks great with the Pyle PLHR79 - it's the perfect combination for an affordable backup camera systemBackup Camera That Fits Easily above Your License PlateThis universal mount camera is perfect for mounting on the front or rear of your car. It?s got a wide angle, 170 degree field of view, so you?ll always be able to tell what?s coming up behind you or in front of you. It?s equipped with LED lights for night vision, and puts out a high quality signal over RCA video compatible with virtually every in-car display with RCA inputs, including Pyle?s own. It?s also equipped with a distance-line mode to show you how far away you are from other objects in the camera?s viewfinder. Includes video and power cables and instructions for mounting.Front View and Rear View Optional FunctionCamera features front view in addition to rear view to assist you in parking your RV, truck, or other vehicle - that way you can avoid damage caused by poor visibility when parking or pulling into tight spaces.See Where You?re Going - Even in the DarkThe PLCM38FRV features an LED light for night vision, which illuminates the area around your camera, making it easier to see where you're going in the dark.Weather Resistant HousingYour camera is protected from the elements since it?s built with weather protected housing. That way you can drive safely no matter the weather.Mounts Easily on Your License PlateThe PLCM38FRV can be installed easily on your existing license plate mounting locations, and is suitable for both top as well as bottom mount on the license plate.RCA OutputThis camera also features RCA video output for connecting to other source inputs. Use your camera with a review mirror monitor, an existing in-dash TV, a DVR, or any other RCA-compatible video input..

*WATERPROOF CAMERA: Pyle backup camera with CMD image sensor 1.3" color is a marine grade flush or hanging mountable housing that will never be fog or wet on a rainy day. It has a total of 580 x 540 pixels with 1.0 Vpp - 75 Ohm video output
* FRONT OR REAR MOUNT: This product is a universal backup camera that you can choose between front or rear mount. The camera installs easily anywhere on your vehicle, including near your license plate or on the rear bumper
* DISTANCE SCALE LINES: A rearview camera that features an accurate distance scale line display for proper parking and reversing without relying on side mirrors. It is perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited
* NIGHT VISION LED: Driving at night will be easier with 68 IP rating, 170° lens wide viewing angle, and 420 TVL resolution. This model comes with night vision LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you at night helping you see easier in the dark
* RCA OUTPUT: Pyle PLCM38FRV camera features RCA video cable output for connecting to other source inputs. Use your camera with a rearview mirror monitor, an existing in-dash TV, a DVR, or any other PAL/NTSC RCA-compatible video input


Brand: Pyle
UPC: 68888992602
Model: PLCM38FRV
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Return Policy:

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