Pack of 6 Origin Point 162450 20-Gauge Handyroll Galvanized Hex Netting, 50ft X 24in With 1-Inch Openings - Brand New

Save $112.01
Condition: Brand New
Garden Zone 20-gauge Galvanized Hex Netting 24inx50ft Also known as poultry netting, it is ideal for poultry pens, house hold pet confinement and for protecting gardens
Economically sized rolls for easy use
This product is made in China
Handyroll galvanized hex netting
Made of 20 gauge steel wire
Long lasting and weather resistant
Hex netting with 1-inch openings
Measures 50-feet by 24-inch width

Original Price: 245.00
Brand: Origin Point
UPC: 689349277535
Warranty: 30 day money back warranty

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