Planet 7" Flipout SDin Touchscreen Monitor Bluetooth DVD/CD USB/SD

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SKU P9759B

7" MOTORIZED FLIPOUT WIDESCREEN DIGITAL TFT MONITOR DVD MP3 CD FULL DETACHABLE FRONT PANEL OUTPUT POWER: 85W X 4 CHANNELS DVD?R/RW Video CD?R/RW Audio & Video MP3 / WMA Bluetooth Audio Streaming (P9759B) Bluetooth Hands-Free (P9759B) USB Ports (Front & Rear) SD Port Aux-In Compatible with Audio Output of iPod?/ iPhone?, Smartphones, and MP3 Players Front, Rear, Sub Outputs Video Output Rear Camera Input A/V Input AM/FM Receiver Touchscreen Remote Control Steering Wheel Interface** US & Europe Switchable Tuner Frequencies RDS Tuner

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