Multipurpose Nano Magic Tape, Reusable Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Washable Transparent Mounting Tape, Traceless Removable Strong Adhesive Tape, Clear Sticky Gel Tape, 3 Tapes in 1 Package (3 sizes) - Brand New

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ÊMake your life easy and comfortable with our nano magic tape! It?s a perfect solution if you want to organize every space in your house in the most convenient way.Our adhesive tape can be used to stick or fix such items as picture frames, hooks, phone cases, car phone holders, posters, wall dŽcor, little tools, decorative patches, extension cables, and many more.One package contains 3 nano magic tapes of different sizes: 3 m*10 mm*2 mm, 3 m*20 mm*2 mm, and 3 m*30 mm*2 mm. You can easily cut the tape to any length. The mounting tape can be used to stick items to a large variety of smooth surfaces such as plastic, glass, wood, tile, marble, and metal.Our high-quality double sided tape is produced with the use of the latest nano technology. It?s made of top-tier nano gel that ensures a strong adhesive effect and durability.ÊCharacteristicsMade of top-quality nano gelStrong adhesive effectDurable and sturdyTransparentReusableWashableNon-toxicEnvironmentally-safeEasy-to-useCan be cut to any lengthNo sticky tracesCan be easily removedCauses no damageÊSuitable for a wide range of smooth surfacesHow to use1.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊClean or degrease the surfaces you want to stick.2.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊEnsure the maximum possible contact area of the adhesive tape with the surfaces to be joined.Ê3.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊPress down firmly and remove air from between the adhesive tape and the surfaces to be joined.4.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ If you want to re-use the tape, thoroughly wash it with a detergent. Let the tape dry out, degrease it, and then glue it again.Please note that you shouldn?t use the silicone tape for plaster
__ [3 in 1] DonÕt miss out on a chance to get 3 adhesive tapes instead of 1! If you buy 1 package of this product, youÕll get 3 nano tapes of three different sizes (3m*10mm*2mm; 3m*20mm*2mm; 3m*30mm*2mm).
_ [Multipurpose Double-Sided Tape] Nano magic tape can be used to stick and fix different objects. It allows organizing the space in your home in the most efficient and convenient way. Our double-sided tape is suitable for a wide variety of smooth surfaces including wood, plastic, tile, metal, glass, and marble.
_ [Can be Washed and Re-used] Our gel tape is washable and reusable. If you want to re-use it, you should wash the adhesive tape with a detergent, degrease it, and let it dry out in a natural way. After that the tape will become sticky again, and youÕll be able to use it!
__ [Safe and Durable Adhesive Tape] Mounting tape is manufactured with the use of the innovative nano technology. The adhesive substance is made of top-grade nano gel, which makes it incredibly strong and durable. Our clear tape is absolutely safe and non-toxic. ItÕs pollutant-free and recyclable.
__ [Easy-to-Use, Can be Cut] Double-sided tape heavy duty is very convenient to use. It can be cut to any desired length. You can also arbitrarily stretch, twist, or fold it. When needed, you can easily remove the adhesive strips. Our magic tape doesnÕt leave any sticky traces after being removed.
Original Price: 29.00
Brand: SMIJ
Model: Office Products - 16.99
UPC: 720462297014
Warranty: 30 day money back warranty

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