Kodak Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery/KLIC 7001 -

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Kodak Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery/KLIC 7001
Product Description
Battery, KLIC-7001 LI-ION, FOR V550
The Kodak KLIC-7001 Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery is designed to be used with the Kodak EasyShare V550 Zoom Digital Camera. The KLIC-7001 is a high-capacity rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that ensures maximum battery life and maximum power. This Kodak battery features No Memory Effect, which lets you recharge the battery when it is only partially drained without reducing the battery's long-term performance. This 3.7-volt battery has a power output of 720 mAh, and should only be charged with a charger that specifies use with this battery.


Original Price: 24.00
Brand: KODAK
Model: 1979657
UPC: 812376012859
Warranty: 30 day money back warranty

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