Fortin Remote Start Module & T-Harness Combo for Select CadillacChevyBuickGMC Flip-Key Vehicles


Remote Start Module & T-Harness Combo for '10-'20 Chevy,Buick,GMC & Opel Standard-Key

1 x Factory Fit Gateway style T-Harness for easy install.
1 x 2-way datalink port for data-to-data (RS-232) communication with compatible remote-starters and security-systems.
1 x 20 Pin general purpose plug for wire-to-wire connections with non-datalink equipped remote-starters and security-systems.
Self-Learning algorithm automatically detects the vehicle during programming and adjusts accordingly.

Full Immobilizer Bypass
Convenience Functions Control
Largest Remote Start from the OEM Remote Function Coverage (3x Lock or Lock-Unlock-Lock)

3 x CAN-Bus controllers.
3 x General purpose controllers (J1850, Class 2, encrypted key etc.).
1 x On-board relay (SPDT).
1 x On-board relay (DPDT).
1 x Analog controller 0-12VDC @ 20mV steps (MUX).

Advanced Features:
Built-In Alarm System
Stand Alone Remote Starter
OEM Remote Monitoring
3X Lock Remote Starter

(3) On-board LEDs for simplified programming and diagnostics
Factory Fit T-Harness for easy install
2-way datalink port - compatible remote-starters & security-systems
20 Pin plug for non-datalink remote-starters/security-systems
Self-Learning algorithm auto detects the vehicle during programming

Works with Flash Link Manager, Telematic & GPS Modules, External Triggers, RF kits
& Sensor Modules

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