Emt Wound Care Gel 1oz - Brand New

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An all natural wound gel that reduces bleeding pain and Lambert Kay EMT Gel Pet First Aid Kit In A Tube, 1 Ounce (3 Pack) is an all-natural gel containing a medical hydro lysate Type I collagen as its active ingredient. It interacts with the wound site maintaining a moist environment that encourages wound healing. Collagen provides the matrix for new cell growth. It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection by covering the wound and reduces the potential of scarring. EMT Gel helps reduce bleeding, pain and itching, seals and protects the wound and promotes rapid healing. Excellent for dealing with wounds when they occur and to help promote rapid healing of the wound while providing comfort to the animal. Appropriate for all animals. Proudly Made In the USA.

Original Price: 35.00
Brand: Lambert Kay
Model: Pet Supplies - 0
UPC: 071860118426
Warranty: 30 day money back warranty

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