Planet Audio Big Bang Amplifier D Class 4000 Watts Max 1 Ohm Stable with Bass Knob

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Planet Audio BBD4000 Class D car amplifier - 4000 watts, 1 Ohm stable, digital, Monoblock, MOSFET power supply.

*Power: 4000 watts max X 1 @1-ohm, 2000 watts max X 1 @2-ohms, 1000 watts max X 1 @4-Ohms
* Class D: power loss is significantly reduced making the amplifier highly efficient. Excess energy is stored until it’s needed instead of being converted into heat. Reduction in size/weight, reduced power waste, smaller heat sink, compact circuitry
* 1 ohm stable: able to continuously power loads of 1 ohm without encountering difficulties such as overheating. Typically made to power up subwoofers that demand the heavier power load requirements to be able to perform the way they were made to
* Variable subsonic filter: to prevent your subwoofer(s) from bottoming out, the variable subsonic filter filters out frequencies below the subwoofer(s) specified low frequency limits and allows the driver to reach a maximum safe excursion
* Variable low-pass crossover: subwoofers reproduce sound based on a number of different low-range frequencies. You can set exact sound specifications for the bass frequency reproduction


Brand: Planet Audio
UPC: 636210200628
Model: BBD4000
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Return Policy:

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