OEMTOOLS 87018 10L Oil Jug

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The OEMTOOLS 87018 10 Liter Oil Dispenser Container is an oil-storage and oil-change container designed by the automotive experts at OEMTOOLS to be rugged, easy to use, and to save you time and effort. With the no spill oil-fill spout, you can easily refill your oil after an oil change, even without a funnel. We recommend these dispenser containers for mechanics or for anyone with large vehicles, as the 10 liter capacity is large enough to refill most heavy duty trucks and SUVs. Additionally, the translucent plastic body makes it easy to see what fluid you?re storing in these jugs, so they can easily be repurposed to hold just about any type of automotive fluid you might need. These motor oil spouted dispensers will help keep stored oil and other fluids free from contaminants. And their no-spill caps will keep them from spilling in your garage or shop, even in the worst-case scenario of a tip over. These are thoughtfully designed oil containers, and they?ll make your work easier and your shop cleaner. FULL SPECIFICATIONS: - Safely stores and pours up to 10 liters of fluid- Spill proof fill cap and spout cap - Easy to carry and pour handles- 20 inches from handle to spout- 11 inch base - 15 inches tall - 7. 5 inch cross width.

*RELIABLE SPILL-RESISTANT OIL JUG: Good for up to 10 liters of oil storage; container is easy and safe to pour—with no accidental spillage
* POUR OIL WITHOUT SPILLING: Small spout fits easily in your oil-fill port, comfortable handles on top and back of the oil jug make it easy to pour; Spill-proof fill cap and spout cap keeps the jug from spilling in case of a tip-over or accident
* RUGGED CLEAR PLASTIC BUILD: This is more than an oil container, and its plastic body will hold up to a wide variety of automotive fluids with no deterioration or damage; translucent plastic body lets you easily identify the stored automotive fluid
* UNIVERSAL OIL-CHANGE TOOL: With this pitcher’s 10 Liters of oil storage, you can refill most cars and trucks during routine oil changes
* FULL SPECIFICATIONS: Safely stores and pours up to 10 liters of fluid; Spill-proof fill cap and spout cap; Two handles make it easy to carry and pour; 20 inches from handle to spout; 11 inch base; 15 inches tall; 7. 5 inch cross width


UPC: 76812870186
Model: 87018
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Return Policy: https://abillionz.com/pages/returns-refund.

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