OEM Tools 87009 No-Spill Coolant Filling Plastic Funnel Kit

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The most important part of any car repair tool set, oil or power steering changing kit, or coolant pressure tester kit is a good solid funnel. Our Coolant Funnel Kit funnels power steering fluid, funnels coolant and oil funnels automotive fluids of all types. The OEMTOOLS universal radiator flush funnel fill kit is intelligently designed to fill radiator fluid without over filling or spilling. The fluid stopper allows you to carefully control the flow of coolant from your coolant funnel into the radiator. And the translucent spill free funnel allows you to keep a close visual on your fluids as you?re funneling them into your vehicle, forever avoiding overfills. All of this combines to form a funnel kit that?s second to none, and is miles better than the old funnel with hose style of coolant refill kits. The OEMTOOLS 87009 No-Spill Coolant Filling Funnel Kit provides a quick and easy way to fill automotive cooling systems while preventing spills and trapped air. Numerous adapters and extensions are included to fit radiators or surge tanks on most domestic and import cars and light trucks, making this a must-have automotive funnel for anyone who owns an automobile. Add it to your coolant tester kit, your antifreeze tester kit, funnel automotive fluids of all types. This long funnel can handle anything. It works just as well as an oil funnel or transmission funnel, and is capable of handling so many jobs, including after an engine flush or coolant flush. As with all OEMTOOLS products, you can trust that our funnel kit is built to last and to deliver an unparalleled combination of quality and value..

*SPILL FREE FUNNEL: Our kit funnels automotive fluids, such as radiator coolant and oil, cleanly into any vehicle; the long funnel prevents spills and trapped air during refills after a coolant flush
* ULTIMATE MULTI-VEHICLE FUNNEL KIT: 4 cap adapters, 5 filler neck adapters, 3 extensions, a stopper, and a high quality transparent coolant funnel form a funnel kit more complete than others
* NEAR UNIVERSAL FITMENT: Ideal for an engine flush, a coolant pressure tester kit, even for a radiator flush; Kit features near-universal fitment for American and foreign vehicles
* ADAPTERS INCLUDED: With the exceptional number of included adapters, OEM TOOLS delivers a funnel that works better than just any old funnel with hose
* PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE: Funnel automotive fluids, or combine with antifreeze tester kit to ensure your system stays clean and functional; Included fluid stopper means no spills or air bubbles


UPC: 76812114358
Model: 87009
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Return Policy: https://abillionz.com/pages/returns-refund.

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