Astro 7760 Cordless Circuit Tester

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Astro Pneumatic's cordless circuit tester does not require a ground wire or clip, and is safe with ECMs sensors, transducers, and airbags. This circuit tester is designed to be used on DC powered circuits with voltages between 3 and 28 volts. The special designed V-Tip needle allows safe piercing and prevents side-slipping wire piercing wire's insulation. V-Tip can be removed to test hard to reach places..

*Does not require ground cable or clamp, user's own body/hand as ground
* User must be holding tester as well as contacting a ground with bare hands
* Safe on ECM's, transducers and airbags
* For 3-28V DC circuits
* V-Tip for safe and centered wire piercing


Brand: Astro Pneumatic Tool
UPC: 745227007608
Model: 7760
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
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