Astro 3082 TPMS Dial Tire Inflator with Stainless Hose 065 psi

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TPMS Dial Tire Inflator W/ Stainless Hose - 0-65psi

Detailed high resolution dial face perfect for TPMS or any use where accurate readings are required.
Extreme accuracy. Up to 260% more accurate than the ANSI standard
Stainless braided hose (21") for maximum durability
3 in 1 function: inflate deflate and measure tire pressure
Solid aluminum body covered with rubber sleeve for extra comfort and durability
Two position inflate/deflate lever; Works with CO2 and Nitrogen.
3-1/8" (80mm) pressure gauge (2-65psi read)

Measuring Range: 0-65psi
Units: PSI
Resolution: 1psi
Accuracy: +/- <1psi or +/- 1.5%
Optimal Working Temp.: 32-104?

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