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Use Coupon Code ( newclear) to get 5% off of your purchase


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"The OEMTOOLS Universal Cooling System Filler purges those problematic airlocks, checks for vacuum leaks, and then allows the technician to refill the system quickly and easily. USE IS SIMPLE: 1. Before beginning, the radiator must be completely drained of fluid. And the car should be engaged and the heater turned on, so that the heater coil is open and can be evacuated and refilled. 2. Find the right sized rubber bush for your radiator neck or coolant reservoir, and then fit the gauged cooling system adapter firmly into place. Turn the tightener on the valve clockwise until it snugly fits the radiator neck. 3. Connect venturi valve to the cooling system adapter, connect shop air to the venturi valve, and connect evacuator hose to the other side of the venture valve; make sure all valve openings are closed until the shop air is connected. 4. The hose on the other side of the venturi valve may evacuate fluid, if any is trapped in the system, so you may want to place that tube into a waste fluid pan. 5. Once the air line is attached, open the venturi valve, and the intermediate valve on the adapter assembly; Draw vacuum until the gauge reads between 50 and 60 cmHG) 6. Close the intermediate valve and venturi valve. If the vacuum drops, you have a leak in your system. If it does not, you?re ready to refill your coolant. 7. Connect your coolant hose. Drop the other end into a large container of coolant, mixed to your preferred specifications. Open the coolant tube valve, and the coolant will flow. Use a large container so that you won?t run out and introduce air to the coolant system. 8. When the gauge reaches 0 or the coolant stops flowing.If something happens to it during normal use, it should be covered by the OEMTOOLS Limited One Year warranty. See product manual for full warranty conditions and restrictions.SPECIFICATIONS- Comes with convenient carrying case- Includes 5 adapters ".

*EASY COMPLETE COOLANT SYSTEM REFILLER: Refills the entire cooling system including the Heater Core
* HUGE TIME SAVER: Eliminate time consuming bleeding and purging, and completely remove all trapped air from your cooling system; Removing air through a radiator burp is much more time intensive
* DISCOVER LEAKS: It’s easy to check for leaks while under vacuum; if your vacuum level decreases while all valves are off, you have a leak in your system
* WIDELY USEFUL: Comes with five adapters that fit most common radiator necks and coolant reservoirs
* SIMPLE TO USE: All you need to use this coolant system vacuum kit is a shop air compressor; The included venturi valve turns any air compressor input into a strong vacuum force


UPC: 76812244444
Model: 24444
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
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