Uncle Henry Deluxe Wood Carving Kit

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Deluxe Wood Carving Set
Handle Length: 4.60"
Overall Weight: 12.80 oz
Steel: 65Mn High Carbon Steel Blades
Handle Material: Wood

Pack of 6 Small Detail Blades 5/16" x .030" 20E x 15/16" Radius Ground on the Outside Curve 21EX Straight Blade 11 Straight Blade Ground on the Slanted Edge 10 1" Radius Ground on the inside Curve 8 2" Radius Ground on the indise Curve 22 2" Radius Ground on the Inside Curve 1-LD2 1/2" x .050? Heavy Duty Blade 1-LN3 1/2" x .050" Carving Blade 1-LS1 1/2" x .050" Carving Blade 1-LBG- #7 Sweep Gouge 5/16" Cut Wood Handle with 3 Way Brass Jaw Chucking System Magnetic Carrying Case

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