Power Your Business with AbillionZ Solution


AbillionZ Offer a wide Range of Business Services to Partner Businesses. Our goal is to make it easy for other business to adjust to the fast moving technology and opportunities. 

Services We Offer for Our Partners


AbillionZ Can provide free Inventory to Fill-Up your retail Store. This option is only available for Liquidation Businesses. Inventory can be expensive however you can still make great profit for selling Our Inventory at your Store.


AbillionZ Manages Day to day business tasks and management for online Businesses, We provide full analytics, Accounting, management, so you can spend your time doing what you love most about your business and grow. 


AbillionZ Multi-Channel Software "NewClear" Can do wonders for for online inventory management, Listings, automatic Product Building and Much More, Endless features and still growing. 

Virtual Employees

You can Have access to Our Virtual Employees Team located around the world to do time consuming Simple Tasks. We can do anything digital, Data Entry, Copy Paste, Comparing data, We intense Software which gives you the ability to create tasks step by step explaining how to do the task. Our Employees then Can Follow instructions and do your work for you for a fraction of payment you would give to an employee.  

Inventory Processing

Do you Buy pallets and Truckloads of returns or overstock Items. This is the most time consuming, Confusing and Frustrated work. It doesn't have to be anymore With AbillionZ Inventory Processing. Let AbillionZ process you inventory. We can Even buy you inventory for you for the best prices with our Suppliers, or you can have your inventory shipped to us. We Then Process, test, Label and List your product online for selling, we then Ship and take care of customer Service. 


Have Your Business stand out and get more traffic to your Store, Physical or online, we Manage Your Advertising Campaigns, Google only, We currently do not support Facebook. 

Website Solution

Do you need a New Website for your business, We got you cover. Informational or selling E-commerce ready, we can do everything and handle and manage it for you. 


If Our software catalog is not enough for you, we can have your Software built specifically for you. Our Team of experts can Develop Web Applications and Android Applications. We Currently Do Not Support IOS Apps. 


Are You ready to have all those Services at your fingertip. Contact Us now to see how we can Help you Grow with us.