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Liquidation DropShip Program (LDP)

Liquidation DropShip Program (LDP)

AbillionZ Liquidation Dropshipping Program

Step 1 Sign Up: Fill in the the application below to sign up and we will review the application with 48 Business Hours. Some one From Our Team Will Reach Out to you to set up your Dropshipping Account

Step 2 Start Selling: We will work with you to add all of our products to your Sales Channels. Our Software “NEWCLEAR Commerce Management” Will Streamline the whole process ( Listing, Inventory Adjustments, Order Imports, Tracking Update} All You do Is Customer Service for your own account and Make Profit. 

Payment: Since all of our inventory is from Liquidation Sources, Our Prices are guarantied to be the lowest & you can Hold Us to It. On top of that Our Dropshippers can Get a commission of 15% to 30%  Commision for each sale. 

Shipping & Returns: All Products are shipped via UPS or USPS With in 24 Business Hours Of the order Import. 

All Returns Items Will Be taken Care of by our Returns Department and You will get the return Credit Applied to your next order. 

Contact Us Below To Sign Up for Liquidation Program.


25 Gardenville Pkwy W Wset Seneca NY 14224

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