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Hunger Relief Program (HRP)

Here at AbillionZ we don't have to spend extra and raise our expenses to help others. We use our own overhead costs from our business so we can be efficient in our Charities. 

Our Mission

At the end of every month, our goal is to not only donate food, but help the poor around the world to find a source of income so they can keep putting food on the table for their families. 

We want to not just help, we want to break the cycle, give the extra push they need to start a small income source. So instead of donating food for one day we can help them survive the world. So one day they can help others do the same. 

We Want to teach the poor, how to self sustain themselves enough to be strong and on their feet, and provide them the resources and funding to do so. 

We also donate to other charities like IRUSA & International hunger relief who hit the grounds to help the poor in need. 

We will be focusing more on (HRP) in 2022 and forward, and with your help we can make a difference. Stay Connected on our Facebook & Youtube 

Thank you!

Zack Shakil

Head of the (Hunger Relief Program)