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AbillionZ Drop-Shipping Program ( ADP )

AbillionZ Is Now Offering Drop Shipping for all of our Catalog. AbillionZ is one of the most reliable Liquidation Processor for ( Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy ) We add hundreds of new Products every month.


How Can you take advantage of AbillionZ Drop-Shipping Program?

We do all the hard work for you

  • We Buy the inventory
  • We process the Inventory 
  • We create listings 
  • We Store The products
  • We Ship the items, 
  • We take care of the returns. 

All You do is Sell The products on E-bay, Amazon, Shopify and any-other way. 

You can make 10% to 20% of the sale Every time Based on the order Volume. 

( We Pay The E-bay & Amazon Fees )



Payment of Drop Ship Orders. 

For This Example, we will assume, the seller will receive 15% of the Sale Profit. 

Seller made $100 Sale on Ebay. 

Shipping of the item was $8

E-bay Fees Were 12%

Total Profit = Sale Amount $100 - E-bay Fees $12 - Shipping $8 = $80

Seller Profit will be 15% of $80 = $12

AbillionZ Charge your Credit/Debit Card on File in the amount of = $76



  • We ship All orders with in 24 to 48 business Hours. 
  • All Orders under 1LB will shipped via USPS First Class Package
  • All orders over 1LB will be Shipped via USPS (Priority Mail) or UPS (Ground)



  • All return Request can be emailed to ( ) or you can email your assigned agent. ( All Drop Ship Accounts are assigned an agent
  • Your AbillionZ Agent will email you back with RMA Number and authorize the return. 
  • To receive a return label for damage merchandise, you must ask your customer to provide the proof of damage (Pictures)
  • You can also Receive a return Label for Defective merchandise
  • Return Period is up to 30 days of the purchase. 
  • Once the item is received back, you will be given credit for the return, that credit will applied to your future orders. 
  • If you receive a chargeback, we can help you resolve it or issue you credit for the chargeback.


Tools We Offer to make Drop-Shipping easy For you

You can Use our Software ( Newclear ) to manage your listings, Manage inventory across multiple channels. Below are the features of our software. 

  • Multichannel Solution for e-Commerce
  • Inventory and Pricing Management
  • Ebay, Amazon, Walmart & Shopy Integrations. 
  • Order Management. We retrieve Your Orders, Ship them and the tracking is updated Automatically. 
  • SKU and Warehouse Management (Premium Feature)
  • All Inventory can be listed to your accounts automatically. 


How To Get Started?

Email us at ) Please Answer the Question Below and sent us in the Email. 

  1. State Your Name: 
  2. Do you have a business, If yes, What is the business name?
  3. What is Your Phone Number ?
  4. Which platforms are you planing to sell our Products. 
  5. Do You have a Credit Card, If yes, what is your credit card limit?
  6. How Old is Your Ebay Account?
  7. How many feedbacks are on your ebay account?
  8. Give the link to Your Ebay Store?
  9. How Old is your amazon Account?
  10. How Many Feedbacks do you have on your amazon Store?
  11. How Old is your Amazon account? 

You Can Also Copy and paste the question in the message bow below and answer the question, then click send