Clear TV HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna, Broadcast Network TV in HD (STAND NOT INCLUDED) FREE SHIPPING

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Condition : BRAND NEW

Be Prepared! Signal knocked out by a storm? Clear TV can still work if you have power. Bypass Cable & Satellite. Get crystal clear HD broadcast shows free. Results may vary, depending on distance to broadcast towers and interference (mountains, tall buildings, trees, etc.). Save Money: No contracts, monthly fees or price hikes. Get These Networks and More For Free: NBC HD, PBS, Fox HD, The CW, My TV, CBS HD, ABC HD, Univision. Our Clear TV technology lets you bypass cable and satellite companies and get crystal clear HD broadcast shows free! Enjoy: Network shows, Sporting events, Local news & weather, Kid's programs, and more! Incredibly clear HD signal. Innovative & sleek design. HDTV Clear TV Indoor Amplifying & Broadcasting Antenna Features: Broadcast popular local network channels for free Our #1 best selling antenna brand Watch shows in Full HD-1080 Works just like your old antenna, only now with a sleek design - can easily be hidden Stand not included Quick setup, ready to go out of the box

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