Wonder Bible RVR60- The Audio Bible Play That Speaks in Spanish (La Biblia Reina-Valera 1960), As Seen on TV

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WONDER BIBLE Spanish Audio player- The talking bible you can listen to anytime, anywhere! Letters, gospels, psalms, prophecies, & more! With all recordings in Spanish. The complete old & New testaments of the Bible in the La biblia retina-valera 1960 version as well as 10 meditation music tracks. Listen as a source of inspiration during your busy day or for spiritual Restoration through good times & bad. Easy to use skip to your favorite chapter or book, pause & Resume to where you left off. Listen and enjoy while a pleasant voice reads the book to you and the words on the page come alive. Perfect for everyone Adults, children, seniors, and visually impaired who speak & Understand Spanish. For those who are or would like to become spiritually connected. Includes WONDER BIBLE Rvr60 rechargeable Audio player- long lasting battery will last up to 10 hours, USB charging cable and built-in earphone jack.

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