Why Choose AbillionZ Fulfillment Services

Why Choose AbillionZ Fulfillment Services

That’s why You Choose “Fulfillment By AbillionZ” ( FBA )

We can take out all the heavy lifting for you at no cost, you only pay when you sell.

Creating Online Listings: We have the largest online UPC Database connected to our software which can list your products online in seconds which will otherwise take you 5 minutes per item listing.

Storing products: AbillionZ Keep Your Product Safe and tracked in our fulfillment center close to you, so we can offer customers faster delivery and turnaround time. We help you erase all the tied up inventory. You have a full view and reports of your stored and sold inventory.

Shipping Orders: When someone places an order for your item, we pick, pack, and ship your item through our discounted shipping rates from USPS and UPS.

Customer Service: When Your customers have questions about the product, Inquiries about their order, Problem with product defects. AbillionZ Will take care of it and assist your customers with our Email and Phone Support.

Selling Platforms

AbillionZ.com: Our Main platform where we have the least selling fees because we are in total control of the fees. AbillionZ Drives its online traffic from powerful SEO and our Google AdWords where we advertise your products. We receive an average of 10,000 new visitors to our site.

E-Bay Marketplace: eBay is the 8th most visited site in the USA. Which means they have an extremely large number of loyal customers. We have special Link with eBay and we can offer your products instantly to e-Bay upon your request.

 Amazon Marketplace: Amazon is the 3rd most visited site in the USA. Their Traffic rank surpasses even e-Bay. Your Qualifying products can be instantly listed on the 3rd most visited site.

 ABZ Discount Store: ABZ Discount Store is an AbillionZ Private Store where we Offer targeted product which sells more in the location. We heavily advertise the retail store on google Search Engine + Google shopping Local Maps. This Physical Location platform has a huge potential and we encourage you to use this open space free of shelf cost.


Legal Entity: Business must be registered with the county or state with one of the following types of business structures: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, or Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Registered Tax ID: Business must have an (EIN) Number from federal and state governments.

Banking: Company must have a valid US bank account and routing number to transfer Profitable funds.

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