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Product Receiving Process for Larger Sellers

Product Receiving Process for Larger Sellers

This information is only for large warehouse level sellers with the product limit higher than 20,000 Products.

AbillionZ FBA Product Receiving & Management

AbillionZ Provides a thorough and 100 percent fault proof process. FBA System was designed to give peace of mind to all sellers 

  • Seller Chooses the products for AbillionZ.
  • AbillionZ Representative will physically report to the location with a scanner and a laptop and scan each product before it leaves the facility. A Full inventory report will be emailed at the spot to the seller.
  • Products will then be taken to AbillionZ Fulfillment center and. Rescanned, this time for listing purposes.
  • AbillionZ Staff will Label Each product With SKU. ( SKU is a number containing these values {Seller code – Condition Code – UPC } For example “85-12-638263947264” )
  • SKU Process Helps us determine and keep track of the seller’s products along with the condition of the product.
  • After we List and Store your products in the tracked bin level inventory system. We Will Keep aside the rejected inventory and create a list and email it to you and wait for your response with what to do with the rejected inventory. We can Ship the rejected inventory back to you for free as long as you are in the Buffalo NY area.
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